Wolf Bittner [ www.wolfbittner.com ] works at the intersection of Fine and Media Art. The enquiry into the relationships of human beings and technology as well as visual perception and representation form a conceptual framework. In a process of decomposition and rearrangement of the medium’s constituent elements new relationships between work and viewer world arise. Presentation of light installations, audio-visual performances, photographic- and time based work at various international exhibitions and festivals. He lives and works in Berlin.

Lyndsey Housden creates performative installations that hold the potential to transform and develop through social interaction. Often working with movement as the starting point. She is interested in the impact of architecture on the human body and in turn, the effect of the human body and movement on our perception of architecture. Often collaborating with dancers and visual artists, her work questions the physical and psychological effects of space and architecture. Her early works dealt with social interaction in public space through performance and video.

Yoko Seyama [ www.yokoseyama.com ]
Scenographer / media artist. From early on in her architectural training and as well as her classic/contemporary ballet training, she began specializing in the creation of special installation for the performance context. Since moving to the EU in 2004, she has been concentrating on scenography and time-based art.

Jeroen Uyttendaele [ www.jeroen-uyttendaele.org ]
Composer, sound and media artist. Sound as a sculptural and tangible material is the main focus of Jeroen’s work. This often results in audiovisual instruments, installations, sound compositions ore performances. He currently lives and works in The Hague and in Brussels.